I’m a UI & visual designer with a working knowledge of Agile User experience design, using UXPin / Sketch / Photoshop / HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery
About me
I am a senior designer with over 10 years experience for agencies and in-house teams.
I’ve worked for for a variety of sectors including: Public, Education, Startups, Technology and Experiential e-commerce. I love to design products in Agile team environments, working sprints ahead of developers with a user centred design approach. I’m one of those hybrid design people. I will get involved with BA, surveying and testing, but I will also create wireframes, prototypes, journeys and high definition UI's

Recent experience

Citizens Advice
Senior UX/UI designer
Nov 2015 - Present
We redesigned the CRM that the company runs on from an old Microsoft product that only runs in IE7, to a fully responsive solution that works on all modern browsers and tablets. I visited CA locations, interviewed users, designed, built and prototyped solutions to problems they had with their existing system. The new CRM is fully WCAG AA compliant. I created many user journeys, prototypes and the user interface for the product. Working closely with our supertesters, UX researchers and Ruby developers was a must.

UX/UI Designer
Nov 2015 - Nov 2015
During a short assignment, I created alpha sitemaps and wireframes from gathered stakeholder info, through to initial designs and Invision prototypes for their new agency website redesign. The new site closely follows the given design and UI specification that I created.

Head of design
Apr 2015 - Nov 2015
At Unmissable I lead a small team of 4 people working on design and development of their blogging platform and ecommerce solution to sell experiences to users they interacted with. This included a platform for bidding for prizes, auctions and basic sales. We ran branded promotions on the platform alongside the likes of McDonald’s Monopoly and TomTom Bandit. I created the user journeys, wireframes, high-definition designs and even the full brand pack for commercial guidance.

Senior UX/UI designer
Dec 2014 - Apr 2015
At Embrace I was tasked with the redesign of the Surrey Police website. We had to take a non-responsive, unloved, behemoth of over 1000 flat pages and create a fully responsive, accessible website that was easy to naivigate and content manage. We took a mobile-first approach and made full use of Geo-location to show only news and events that were relevant users in their area. This made a complex site containing many templates and journeys into a very simple one to content manage for the SP marketing team. Users felt much more at ease with the site as journeys stayed familiar, but content changed based upon their location.

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